Environ Desludger

The hydraulic retention time (HRT) especially in conventional ponding systems is often reduced substantially by heavy siltation, arising from high levels of suspended solids. The HRT must be maintained throughout the year to achieve optimum treatment performance.

The Environ desludger offers continuous year-round desludging to ensure the pond functions as designed.

System components:

  • Mild steel/stainless steel frame construction
  • Submersible pump for sludge handling
  • Non-corrodible and unsinkable float


  • Provides continuous year-round desludging of ponds
  • Pond remains in service
  • Easily transferred from pond to pond
  • Easily operated by one person
  • Self-propelled pontoon changes location automatically
  • Pump can be raised/lowered to suit pond depth
  • Provides systematic cleaning-ensuring 100% pond coverage

Typical applications:

  • Anaerobic pond
  • Facultative pond



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