Chemplant Agitators

Chemical Plant & Engineering designs and manufactures a range of high efficiency agitators and tank mixers to meet the widest range of fluid mixing requirements, precisely and economically.

A range of impellers can also be offered for the following applications :

  • Liquid blending and solids suspension
  • High viscosity applications
  • High shear applications
  • Gas dispersion

Chemplant designs and manufactures agitation equipment for a range of agitation and mixing applications including:

  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Water and wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Wine
  • Mineral processing
  • and numerous other industries which require gas dispersion, re-pulping, solids suspension and a host of other specialties

Chemplant offers a range of impellers to provide the optimum process response. The high efficiency RTF4 hydrofoil is used for blending and solids suspension at lower viscosities.




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