About Us

ENVIRON is a specialist company in the field of environmental engineering. Started in 1972 under Environ Sdn Bhd; the business was reorganised under Environ Holdings Sdn Bhd after the recession in the mid eighties.

ENVIRON operates in several facets of the environment field; offering design, construction, supply and installation, commissioning and maintenance services for sewage treatment, municipal and industrial water treatment, industrial and agro-industrial waste treatment recovery of renewable energy from Biogas and Biomass recovery and conversion to resource. Pumping and pumping systems were and remain one of the main strengths of the company with one of the most comprehensive ranges of pumping equipment available in the country. ENVIRON has equipment for such varied applications as palm oil, latex, acids, molasses, sludge, paint and sewage.

ENVIRON also acts as manufacturer’s representatives for equipment in this field and holds substantial stocks of both equipment and spare parts. Environ is active regionally in Brunei and Singapore and is also, increasingly extending their services to the Asean community.

Areas where ENVIRON has particularly strong expertise and excels are:-

Water and Wastewater Treatment

  • Aeration and mixing
  • Tertiary treatment, recycling and re-use
  • Disinfection using both chlorine and U.V.
  • Destruction of TOC, pesticides and weedicides, hormones and EDCS
  • Recovery and/or destruction of oil and grease

Sludge Treatment

  • Dewatering of sludge
  • Desludging of oxidation ponds and anaerobic lagoons
  • Microbial reduction of sludge in lagoons, OPS and treatment plants and digesters (up to 80%)
  • Recovery of sludge for composting and compost stations

Leachate Treatment

  • Reduction of odour in landfills and wastewater plants
  • Extending life Spans of sanitary landfills
  • Treatment of leachate

Biogas Recovery and Renewable Energy

  • Dewatering of sludge
  • Systems for harvesting of Biogas and recovery of renewable energy
  • Gas mixing of digesters
  • Recovering Revenue from Biomass
  • Reduction of energy and maintenance costs in blower applications (up to 40%)

Experience & Track Record

As one of environment companies in the region, with an accumulated experience of over 40 years in the field, and a record of over 300 successfully completed contracts of which over 90 are waste treatment plants of various types; ENVIRON is well placed to provide tested and professional services and solutions to many pollution problems.


With an established in-house engineering workshop staffed by qualified and trained personnel, ENVIRON provides excellent after sales service, as well as fabrication and maintenance services.

Annual maintenance contracts are readily available. ENVIRON provides these services to government and statutory bodies in addition to private sector clients.