Bear Cat Chippers / Shredders

ECHO Bear Cat manufactures high quality, reliable Chipper/Shredders that will efficiently reduce yard garden debris to small pieces. Bear Cat chippers/shredders work well for brush and tree pruning, yard clean up, brush and hedge-up keep and creating compost and mulch.


  • Easy to use and move around
  • Does not take up a lot of space in the garage
  • Great tool for chipping into mulch/compost
  • Easy to service and maintain

Our Product Include:

  • Chipper/shredders
  • Chipper/shredder/blower
  • Chippers
  • PTO machines
  • Skid steer chippers
  • Log splitters
  • Wheeled trimmers 
  • Stump grinder 
  • Wheeled vacuums
  • Debris loaders



Download catalogue: