WEDA Underwater Cleaning System

WEDA of today has specialized in under water cleaning solutions for water works and wastewater treatment plants with automatic and semi automatic robots. WEDA offers a range of product for handling (removal) of sludge and sediment in a variety of tanks and basins in the potable water industry as well as the sewage handling field.

Outstanding Features:

  • Clean reservoirs, pools, fountains and tanks, on-line, without draining out the water.
  • Does not contaminate or affect water turbidity.
  • Video record of cleaning provided.
  • Swedish technology developed over 40 years.
  • Regular term-cleaning contracts available.
  • No tank entry by personnel.


  • Cleaning water reservoirs and water towers
  • Cleaning sand filters and large basins
  • Cleaning of industrial reservoirs
  • Underwater cleaner for tough cleaning jobs with camera




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