UV Disinfection for Municipal Wastewaters

Whether a municipal wastewater treatment plant requires an open channel or closed-vessel UV system, TrojanUV has a full suite of products that can treat a wide range of flow rates and applications. Our disinfection systems have been successfully installed to treat primary effluent, combined sewer overflow, secondary effluent, tertiary reuse effluent.

Main advantages:

  • Hih Output UV Lamps - fewer lamps needed and longer lamp life
  • ActiClean- automatic chemical/mechanical cleaning system
  • Easily retrofitted into existing chlorine contact tanks and effluent channels, and come pre-tested, pre-assembled and pre-wired to minimize installation costs

TrojanUV has a wide range of product for a wide range of flows:

  • The TrojanUV3000Plus is a typical unit for watsewater treatment plants.
  • TrojanUV3000PTP is ideally suited to treat flows up to 2.8 MGD (441.6m3/hr).
  • For large wastewater plants, the TrojanUV Signa is ideal.
  • The TrojanUVFit offers an effective and energy-efficient closed-vessel UV Solution.




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