Vogelsang Solids Reduction

Vogelsang shredding technology ensures smooth operations in biogas and sewage treatment plants, in the food and raw materials processing industries and in agriculture. Whether you simply need to protect your pumps and systems against fibres, coarse matter and foreign matter, or you need defined shredding and treatment, mobile or stationery.

RotaCut Inline Macerator

  • Effectively reduces solids to specific size requirements, and reduces the costs associated with the operation of downstream equipment
  • Macerator with integrated heavy material separator
  • Macerates fibres and coarse matter
  • Separate out heavy material
  • Homogenises suspensions

XRipper Twin Shaft Grinder

  • Designed for inline liquid-borne solids handling applications
  • Effectively reduces large solids to a manageable size for further solids reduction or for downstream pumps and equipment to process without clogging or damage
  • Powerful twin-shaft macerator
  • Treats large and coarse solid matter
  • Suitable for fluids and bulk goods 
  • Sturdy and reliable

BioCut Pump & Grinding System

  • Combination of a VX Series rotary lobe pump in a V-Belt drive configuration and a RotaCut RC pro mounted at an angle
  • BioCut plays an important part in boosting plant efficiency by ensuring that biogas plants can operate reliably and economically
  • It is also popular for individual applications such as liquid feeding, digester agitation, slurry transfer to the post-digester, material recirculation, as well as in locations upstream from the separation unit and from the external heat exchanger
  • This versatility ensures cost-effective operation of the facility